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Baki is one of the series of anime which will charge your adrenaline to the highest level but for that you need to see the series which is available for you online on Netflix and others.

Baki grappler known as Baki the Grappler in north America is a manga series written and illustrated by keisuke itagaki. It was originally serialized in weekely shonen champion and is collected in 42 series by Akita Shoten.

In this show you will see a Boy of school who aspire to become one of the strongest fighter of the world just like his father, as per the show it seems that he is illegitimate son of his father Yujiro Hanma and his mother Emi akezawa and out this union he was born.

As he himself see his father doing such crazy stuff from beginning of his life, he developed a desire to become like him who is ruthless, but the sad part is that he does’t have any sense of duty towards his son. As a young boy who turn to be a teen training himself to the limit of a human being and also pushing the limits to its extreme and even breaking the limits as well and become a well known fighter of the arena but his classmates in the school are unaware of this fact that he is no match for them.

In season one he compete with all fighters from all over Tokyo where he tried all his might and by fighting all the great fighters of the country he emerged as one of the toughest and winner of the tournament but one thing which is strange about the series that there are number of fighters and teachers who don’t take part in the series so by this it does’t become clear that he is one of the greatest fighter of world nor do he has any fight with his own father Yujiro , even if there is any he proved to be not a match for him and turn out to be nothing against him.

He is a like a lamb before a Lion who is helpless and provide no resistance to him.

Second season in which we will see encounter of Baki and toughest fighters of the world. In this series you will some toughest fighters of the world who are tired of their life and who never taste defeat in their life and want to taste that. They are like fighters who are on another level who does have all the skills who does not have any match in the world they now how to dodge all weapons and others powers of the world and can overcome them.

They run away from their respective jails which are situated in the one of the worst conditions of the world irrespective of that they overcome them and all of them now forwarding towards a particular place which is Tokyo in hope that someone is there (Baki) who can give them a little opposition.

There comes largest of the interest of the show when they arrive in Tokyo one of them encounter with Baki and humiliated him but it remains devoid of full fledged fight between them, convict is also amused that the fighter for whom he travel from another part of the world is just a boy of 17 years.

Then organizer of the underground fighter club unite some of the greatest fighters of the Tokyo and let them fight with the biggest fighters of the world then come the crazy moments which will freeze your heart with terror and with joy at the same time. You will also encounter some nudism and sex which is not suitable for some people and suggest some guidance to children that they should’t watch it without guidance of their parents.

Here you see players who have any rules and they ruthlessly turn to their opponents and their ultimate aim is to kill his opponent and in this they across one another and we will encounter severe fights between them in which ultimate winner will be our warrior Baki and his companions.

In third season you will see much more throat chilling fight between Baki and his opponent where he try to improve his ability to match that of his father and also you will see more of the blows from his father as everyone wants to see him showing his real skills which make him one of the strongest fighter of the world.

As others season are in the row so we are giving you limited knowledge which will give you some joy but ultimate joy will be gained when you see the series. You can enjoy this on Funimation and Netflix.

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