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Carbohydrates are the most essential food in our daily life. The function of carbohydrates is that they provide energy fuel to the body. Out of the total calories we consume in a day, 50 percent of those are nothing but carbohydrates. The molecular formula of carbohydrates is CH20. Carbohydrate basically forms micronutrient namely glucose in our body and stores it in the body with name glycogen which provides energy to the body in functions such as running, swimming, workout, walking, etc. The liver does the function of consuming the carbohydrate and convert it into glycogen, also our liver has the property that it can also store approx 1200 grams of carbohydrate, which our body consumes in an emergency just like when a person does sprint then the body uses that stored carbohydrates because the body could not be able to produce that much of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in such emergency. ATP is a break form of glycogen which provides energy in activities like nerve impulse propagation, muscle contraction, and chemical synthesis.

Types of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are basically of two types i.e. Simple carbohydrate and complex carbohydrate. In regular terms, simple carbohydrates are known as bad carbohydrates and the complex carbohydrates are knows as good carbohydrates. simple carbohydrates are also known as a simple sugar which gives instant energy to the body because they break down quickly but they absorb at really high speed in the bloodstreams which results in an abundance of glucose being made in the body and because the body does not need that much of glucose than that glucose converts into the fat and also raise in blood sugar level occurs. A complex carbohydrate is different because it is not in the direct sugar form, it breaks down slowly in the body, allowing a more gradual release in of energy also it contains fibers, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Good carbohydrates vs bad carbohydrates

This picture below will let you understand more about the foods which comers in good and bad carbohydrates and also which is better.

This picture from times hood will make you understand better

Good carbohydrates are very low in calories, very high in fibers and very low in sodium as compared to bad carbohydrates, these are the healthy forms of food. Also, there is no natural or artificial sugar in the good carbohydrate which prevents your body from a disease like Diabetes. Good carbohydrate digests slow and keeps your stomach full for a long time which provides sustainable energy and regulates hormones perfectly. Good carbohydrate is full of nutrients and low in saturated fat which supports fat loss and gives better sleep to the body. Bad carbohydrate is high in calories, high in sodium which, full of trans fat which increases the fat of the body also increases the blood sugar level through which many diseases occur such as diabetes, heart-related diseases, liver problems, etc. Bad carbohydrates make you hungry sooner because of which you end up eating the whole day. Your stamina depletes when you consume high bad carbohydrate food.

How much carbohydrate is enough to the body

This is the most essential macronutrient because it provides energy to the body, it is like more you do physical work more you need energy so depend on the physical works you can characterize how much carbohydrates you need in a day. A normal human body needs approx thrice grams of carbohydrates on per kilogram of weight for example 1 kg of weight needs 3 grams of carbohydrate to create sufficient energy for the body of a normal human being and these numbers depend on one’s physical activities. Like a person who does one-hour swimming and 1-hour and cycling daily and also engages in other normal activities of day to day life then he would need 7-10 grams of carbohydrates on his one kilogram of weight, so it clearly depends on the physical activity in a day. Here is the basic chart is given below:

How carbohydrates are useful in gaining the weight

As you read earlier more you load carbohydrates in the bore more you get energy in the body and if you do not burn that energy that would lead you to grow Fat in the body which makes you look bulky and heavy and leads you towards weight gain. Although this thing is not considered healthy but some people use gainers to gain weight and spend lots of money on weight gaining that thing is absurd because you can do this simply just loading more carbohydrates in the body. These are some healthy weight gain foods that contain good carbohydrates.

Good carbs food

1 mango contains around 20 to 25 grams of good and healthy carbohydrates which is really important in weight gain also mango provides essential nutrients to the last.

50 grams of raisins contains around 40 to 45 grams of good and healthy carbohydrates which is quite an impressive number and these are easily available in the market.

1 banana contains around 30 to 35 grams of good and healthy carbohydrates and this fruit is considered as one of the best food for pre-workout because it digests frequently.

1 cup of serving of Jack fruit contains around 40 grams of good and healthy carbohydrate and also this food also contains fibers.

Nuts like peanuts, almonds cashews contain a good amount of carbohydrates which helps in gaining good fats in terms of good muscle growth.

How carbohydrates are useful in losing weight and gaining muscles

Here carbohydrate plays a crucial role, carbohydrates actually functions your metabolism, the way you load carbohydrates in your body the way your metabolism would work and when comes to the fat loss process, first of all, you need to stick on the complex carbohydrates or you may say good carbohydrates which contain a high amount of fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Secondly, it is the process of how we consume carbohydrates in a day and this process plays a most significant role in fat loss and muscle gain. We call this process Carb Cycle

Carb cycle

Carb cycle is the perfect formula if you want to lose the whole body fat or if you want to lose the fat and gain muscle. The macro of the carb cycle in a fat loss program is that you vary your carbs intake from one day to other like you take high carbs (approx 300 to 350g carbs) on the day 1, low carb (approx 50 to 100g carbs) on day 2, then again low carbs on day 3, then on 4 day you take high carbs again, on 5 day you take no carbs (0 to 20g carbs), on day 6 you take low carbs and on day 7 you take no carbs this is a cycle for one week only and you can follow this cycle for many weeks. How it works, actually when you load high carbs in the body, your metabolism rises high also the body will use those high amount of carbs to produce energy on low carbs days and on no carbs days body will use stored fat to produce energy, through this process your body will not feel fatigued or tired also the body will not use protein to produce energy. This process is very much effective and very much healthy.

Another carb cycle for fat loss

Let’s come to maintaining the muscles and maintaining fat as well in this cycle in this program you maintain the balance of carbohydrates which means there is no, no carbs day in the schedule, there will be only low carbs days, moderate carbs days and high carbs days. Here is the macro

Carb cycle for maintaining the muscles and maintaining the fat

Now when you come to gaining muscles the carb cycle is extremely opposite to the fat loss carb cycle, which means there will be 5 high carb days in the week, 1 moderate carb day and 1 will be low carb day. This cycle is too effective to gain size of the muscle.

Another cycle for muscle gain

Diet for low carb day

Diet for low carb day

Diet for high carb day

Diet for high carb day

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