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Baki The Grappler Season 2:

Baki Season 2 is all about five death row convicts who escaped from their respective prisons to taste defeat at least once in their life which they do not taste.

List of them:


Spec is an inmate of level 5 underground Prison, U.S from where he escaped using a tooth of a professor who came to take his interview. As a precautionary measure, he took off all his belongings like a belt, watch and other article, but when he reached towards his cell there he found him missing  suddenly he appeared and killed him and take out his tooth, which he used to open his cell and escape from the prison.

His cell was inside water situated below 200 meters of water, but he trained himself to such a level that he can hold his breathe up to 5 minutes. : He is about 97 years old, but no one predicts his correct age seeing his stature and body as his body of like a man who is around 30. He reached first and there he has encounter with Baki.

2. Sikorsky

Evans Prison intercontinental ballistic missile center, Moscow 

He is another death row convict who is an inmate in jail given above. He runs away from the jail by climbing 100 meter wall which do not even have a hole to taste defeat where he heard that one of the strongest fighter is in Tokyo. He killed the greatest champion of his country with an ease. He reached in Tokyo and there he abducted girlfriend of Baki and then in the hotel room where he kept her, he meets the father of Baki and Baki. You also see his defeat at the hand of Gaia, another martial artist.

3. Kaioh Dorian

Argathos Prison Tacoma, U.S

Kaioh Dorian is another death row convict who has on gallows where he hanged to death by following manuals of the jail, but he by his training managed to outwit it. He appeared unhurt even from the gallows and killed all jail officials and a doctor who was there to check him and hanged them to death and escaped from the prison and reached Tokyo. He is known for his wicked fighting techniques and intelligence. He used all unfair means to win the fight and killed fighters by using such techniques. He cut the hand of Doppo the great using such means.

4. Ryuukou Yanagi

Ryuukou Yanagi is known as Yanagi the Posiner

He is national of Japan and known as the Posiner and one of the greatest of all disciples of his guru and even outwit him. He is kept in glass jail, which can withstand the attack of a ballistic missile but as the posiner is known to have such technique using which he can create vacuum in any substance and using which he even create a hole in that glass and break it without using any weapon and by killing all officials he run away from the prison.

In his first meet with Baki he outwits him and defeats him easily using his special technique.

5. Hector Doyle: 

Kairos Prison, Outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland

He is very muscular, and he stands at around 6ft and his hair is red and eyes are also eyes are red. He has fairly feminine face, he is executed by the jail officials by giving him current and he even withstands that and come out unhurt from that and killed all officials and escaped to taste defeat.

He is a calm and simple person who is hard and at the same time having some emotions which could be shown against opponent Kaioh Retsu, he stands guard him all night so that no animal or bird harm him. He admitted his defeat when some did it and also lost one of his eyes fighting Yanagi.

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