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Google is all set to launch its new smartphone in this May which will give tough competition to new Iphone SE 2. Also some pictures also get leaked of the phone and some captured image from the camera of phone also get leaked and here are they.

The phone now comes with punch hole frint camera setup and single main camera on the back panel of the phone, also the finger print sensor is still on the back panel and this is new google pixel 4a which is likely to be announced at the starting price range 39,000 INR and the specification of this phone are:

  1. 5.81 inches IPS LCD display with resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels.
  2. Snapdragon 730 octacore processor.
  3. 4 GB RAM, 64 and 128 GB storage options.
  4. 12.2 MP main camera and 8 MP selfie camera.
  5. 3080 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging.

The phone is in hype since very long period of time and is likely to announce on 22nd of May to compete with its main rival that is Iphone SE 2.

Here some sample pictures leaked of this phone. Also Julio lusson compared the camera with Redmi Note 7 which is having 48 MP camera setup.

Low light snap by google pixel 4a (12 MP)
Low ligh snap by Redmi Note 7 (48MP)

This low light snap from the camera of google pixel 4a is amazing, though the phone only offers single camera setuo at the back panel, but this camera always proves itself. Here in this picture the colors are real and more appealing than its rivals. When we see the image which is captured by Redmi Note 7, the colors here are dull and bit scratchy as compared to. Clearly here Google pixel’s 12.2 MP camera is winner.

Day snap by google pixel 4a
Day snap by Redmi Note 7

This is the day snap of both of the phone and you will clearly see the difference. The camera of Pixel is what people would like to have, because of its healthy color scattering all over the image. The image captured by Google pixel 4a is looking more lively here than compare to Redmj Note 7.

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