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This deadly virus which came from a seafood market of China which first spreads to human from an animal thought to be a snake. The virus is transmitted between humans in aerosol form (claimed by WHO) from sneezing, coughing, and touching or shaking hands. This virus enters through the nose or mouth, it then finds a host cell in the respiratory system of human the host cell then bursts and damages other cells in the respiratory system including cell named cilia which has the function of removing mucus and dirt from the air which humans respirate and allow us to breathe easily and without irritation. Here is the structure of the cilia cell after being attacked by the Corona virus.

Real images of Cilia cell

The Virus causes swelling in the respiratory system by killing Cilia cells, which makes it hard for the lungs to pass oxygen into the bloodstreams leading to organ failure and death of the patient.

Right now the whole world is fighting against this virus, the virus is affecting 209 countries and 2 international conveyance and the total number of coronavirus cases has reached 1,379,168 out of with 78,223 are now dead and 294,419 has recovered. This is the biggest challenge in front of the whole world. Let’s take a look at the map of the coronavirus affected area.

Coronavirus affected area

Countries like U.S.A, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France are now badly affected and approx 500 to 1000 people are dying everyday in these countries. Whole world is on lockdown now, no economic activity is in process, people are losing jobs recently in New York City around 1 crore people lost their jobs but this Virus is just spreading and spreading, till now there is no anti dote of this Virus has been prepared. Countries like Israel, U.S.A, Japan, China is testing the anti dote on animals but none of the country is able to find a solution till now. So what is the cure, how the world will win against this Virus, let’s talks about this.


Rapid COVID 19 test kit by Bioldics

Countries like Japan and South Korea made it possible to win against this Virus, initially, the cases in these two countries rose rapidly like the cases were getting double in just 2 to 3 days but then they came up with the solution and solution was the rapid testing kits. Both of the countries started drive-through rapid COVID 19 testing, through which they got to know how many people are now affected by the virus, they frequently isolated those affected people so that Virus could not be get spread anymore and this technique actually worked right now, the graph of both the countries is in a declining stage which is a good sign and it is considered as the win situation against Corona Virus.

Tracing of coronavirus patients

This is the biggest task in front of every government in the world is to trace the affected person. Actually, the affected person is still ignoring it’s symptoms and moving around the society at ease which leads to community spread of the Virus, so tracing is an important part to win against this Virus. Here we will show you how this Virus got spread in the U.K just because proper tracing is not done.

That’s how the virus spread to the U.K


Yes, this image is showing right, mostly the whole world is lockdown now and this is the most essential element in fighting against this virus as WHO suggested the whole world to maintain social distancing. Lockdown means all people of the state or country will remain in their house for a prescribed period and no one is allowed to go out, this situation is something like curfew, some countries like India is taking it as curfew and also taking strict actions against the persons, who is not following this lockdown. This is the best solution to fight against this virus, you need to break the chain of spreading and lockdown is the best element in doing so.

Here are some stats which will show you how many countries are lockdown in different continents.

Essential medical facilities

Here first comes the safety of the Doctors and other medical staff members who are treating these COVID 19 patients and for them, it is the duty of any government to provide proper PPE (personal protective equipment to them) so that, they would work more effectively and without any fear of getting infected.

PPE kit

components of PPE kit Include gloves, gowns, shoe covers, head covers, masks, respirators, eye protection, face shields, and goggles.

Other important medical facilities like proper isolation wards for the patients with proper hygiene and proper facilities like ventilators in the ward proper medical facilities which are helpful in the treatment such as hydroxychloroquine which is really very helpful in the treatment of this COVID 19, also anti-viral medicines should be stocked in the hospital and blood bank also should be stocked well. Through all these measures China actually won against this Virus, just because of these top-notch facilities China won against this virus.

Isolation ward


BBC guide for self-sanitizing

This is the first guideline which WHO had given to the world and this is the most important, self sanitize would help you to prevent catching and spreading the virus. Self-sanitizing includes: washing your hands for 20-second frequently with soap or with any handwash, use mask whether you are infected or not, now it is necessary to wear a mask to everyone, while sneezing or coughing use tissue and after using the tissue throw it in any closed dustbin and then wash your hand with soap or any other hand wash. Avoid touching your face, nose or eyes, maintain social distancing.

If we follow all these rules, then surely we will win against this Virus, once the graph starts to decline then the chain of spreading would start breaking and we will win against this virus.

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