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This car is one of the breath taking insane car ever produced in the history of whole auto car industry, it was launched at the price of $2.9 millions and it actually worth this much. It has twin charged 5.0 litre V8 engine which produces 1400 horsepowers (1 megawatt package which costs $2,70,000 which brins this car upto 1400 horsepowers) and there are only 25 cars in the world.

The company was founded in 1994 in Sweden by Christian von Koenigsegg, with the intention of producing a “world-class” sports car. Many years of development and testing led to the CC8S, the company’s first street-legal production car which was introduced in 2002.

koenigsegg CC8S

In 2010 comapny launched its flagship Agera with different engine options. It was named Hypercar of the Year in 2010 by Top Gear magazine. The Agera RS variant became the world’s fastest production car in 2017, setting a record with a GPS-verified two-way average top speed of 447 km/h (278 mph) and a fastest straight-line speed of 458 km/h (285 mph).

Performance (manufacturer claimed data)

  • 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 2.8 seconds
  • 0–200 km/h (0–124 mph) in 8.0 seconds
  • 0–200–0 km/h (0–124–0 mph) in 13.5 seconds

This data is mind blowing and it shows the strength of this fastest ever car produced.


Let’s start with the crest, the logo of the vehicle is crest, which looks like a mollusk shell and you will see this logo in many areas of the car and it is embedded very neatly and gently, even the Key of the vehicle is made like a crest (Koenigsegg logo), which has only two buttons lock and unlock, when you get inside of the car you will find a key holder in the car which is actually finished in the shape of key only and which actually fits the key pretty well.

Koenigsegg agera rs1 key holder

Now lets come to the build quality of the car, now in this the mostly everything is made up of carbon fiber whether it is dash board of the car, whether the body frame of the car, wether the ORVMs, evem the wheel of the car is also made up of carbon fibre.

carbon fibre dash board
carbon fibre wheel

Carbon fibers have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. These properties have made carbon fiber very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports. However, they are relatively expensive when compared with similar fibers, such as glass fibers or plastic fibers. This makes car lighter and makes the build quality of the car supreme.This is the most carbon fibre intensive car in existence.

Another cool fact is that Koenigsegg builds every stuff of this car in house whether it is seats, engine, reflectors, windscreen, climate control, ac vents, transmissions, airbags or any other thing, all are built in house, which means they dont borrow any of the stuff from outside they make everything in house.

When you get inside of the car you see different quirks and features of the car and first thing you see left of the steering wheel a warning label which indicates emergency hammer, actually if you stuck in the car in accident or in any other condition then this emergency hammer would help you out to break the window glass of the car and let you get out from the car.

emergency hammer warning label

Now lets move to the buttons of this car, all buttons are fixed in the centre wheel like structure and where in other cars you see buttons are made of plastic, but in this car you see buttons are made of alumunium, which actually make it look premium and also feels it supreme.

RS1 centre wheel buttons pannel

Now above the centre wheel button pannel yoh see three different rotary dials, first dial controls the functioning of the stereo, middel dial works as if you push it in it will turn on the automatic gear shifter, you can drive this car with padels and drive manually or if you push that button the car goes to the automatic gear shifting mode, the third rotary dial is for climate control. Also if you rotate the middle rotary dial you can access to back up camera, the car offers the facility of apple car play also.

The interior of car is wrapped in full hand stiched leather, evem the parking brake of the car is wrapped in same leather material, also has a function of heated seats.

Leather matrial used in the car

Even the roof the car is stiched in the same quality of leather, also the roof is manually convertible, you can remove the roof the car by removing 2 laches on the roof.

Now lets come to the steering wheel of this car, cool feature is that this in this car you can customize the feel of the paddle shifters, you can customize the paddle shifters in aggresive mode, in soft mode and in normal mode as well. One more thing you see on the right side of the steering wheel is axle lifter button through which you can actually lift the suspension of the car upto 4 inches. on the left you see volumer up and down button on the steering wheel.

steering wheel of the Agera rs1

Now lets come to the gauge cluster of the vehicle, which is a high resolution screen and this screen includes a lot of things like speedometer, tachometer, also show you if music is playing and also at the bottom it shows few gauges like oil pressure, fuel pressure, how much fuel you have left and the screen is really high quality and modern in functionality.

gauge cluster of Agera RS1

Now lets move to the exterior of the car and in front you see, where first thing you notice that the whole body is made up of carbon fibre whether it is front hood or the bumper, another intresting item you will find in the front is that windsheild wiper which stays right in the middle, it gives the car a little bit downforce. Front turn signal are embedded in the front headlights also in LED form.

front turn signal of the car
front of Agera Rs1

Next we go on side of the car where we first notice carbon fibre ORVMs fixed on the body panel in curvy form, which are fixed that can not be fold, but the intresting feature of those mirrors when you put turn signal on there is a hidden Koenigsegg label inside the mirror that functions as a turn signal and that is the coolest thing.

side profile of Agera Rs1

Next we move on the rear of the vehicle ,where you see two led brake lights and turn signal embedded in those brake lights as well and third middle back light is structure like batman structured.

middle brake light of Agera RS1

Another cool stuff of this car is backup camera, which is mounted below the exhaust which is about the lowest mounting backup camera in any car.

backup camera of the car

Other thing you see in the back is gaint wings of the car, which has hydrolic function in it, which you can adjust the wings manually or automatically accoring to the speed of the car.

Rear of Agera RS1

Lets come to the front compartment of the car, when we open the compartment thorugh the lachet inside and we see this:

front compartment of Agera RS1

The compartment is designed large enough where you can fit a small bag inside it, which is a good thing since it is a sports car.

Now lets come to the rear compartment of the vehicle to access the engine,you can open the conpartment through latch present inside the car and the rear compartment after opening looks like this.

rear compartment of Agera RS1

In this compartment we see 5.0 litre turbo charged V8 engine and koenisegg make this engine in-house, after opening the compartment you actually gets the most exposed view in any car, where you see whole engine setup, suspension setup and chassis setup as well.

1 megawatt setup in Agera RS1

When you open the compartment, you actually see a giant 1 written, which actually means 1 megawatt setup, the setup is place over engine, through this setup this car produces 1400 horsepowers. And only 25 cars ever produced with this 1 megawatt setup.

Now we will show you how this vehicle looks like when you open front compartment, rear compartment and all of its door and we are sure you would like this.

Agera RS1 after opening all of its compartments

And thats all about the fastest car in the world, which can reach at the speed of 458 Km/ph which is a record also the handling adn visibility of the car is top notch an far better than its rivals.

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