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Apple recently launched a new iphone with old name Iphone SE. This attempt of Apple to provide an iphone at cheaper price with same chipset which they are using in their flagships right now.

Apple is known for its innovations, this is the company who gave the a new way of touch screen experience to the world that is capacitive touch screen technology. Apple is the company who decided not to merge with google and to stay on its independent platform. Apple actually managed to develop its own eco system, where 9.4 percent of total world’s population trusted on the brand. That is how Apple became the world’s most popular company, and all it happened because of its innovations, innovation of touchscreen, innovation of rapid are precise finger print, innovation of most loved camera system in the world, innovation of sleek design, innovation of becoming a class amongst the people of world. That is what Apple has gained so far, the trust of the world. But today by offering this new hyped Iphone SE 2, Apple just ruined all myths of its innovative skills and today we will give you the reasons why you would buy new iphone SE and why you would not.

Reasons to buy Iphone SE 2

  • New Apple A13 Bionic chipset, this is the same chipset which Apple is using in Iphone 11 series. This chipset claims to be the fastest one in whole Apple industry, also which gives better battery output and Iphone SE 2 is equipped with this chipset only.
Apple A13 Bionic chipset
  • New white color, this is the new color, which looks very appealing and matches all of the accessories of the device, also the silver metal line around the side of the device make it look even more classy.
Apple SE 2 in white
  • Iphone SE 2 comes with bigger 3 Gb RAM and three storage options i.e. 64 Gb, 128 Gb and 256 Gb this will surely give better experience of gaming.
  • Iphone SE 2 now gets better camera quality and better fps in video recording which is 240 fps than iphone 8 which only gives 60 fps in video recording.
  • The pricing of Iphone SE 2 is very competitive. Apple launched iphone SE 2 at just $399. This is the lowest pricing for any iphone till date.

Here we conculed the reasons that why one should buy Apple Iphone SE 2, now lets come to the points where Apple ditched all innovations. Lets move to the reasons that why you would not buy Iphone SE 2.

Reasons not to buy Iphone SE 2

  • Dated design, yes you just cannot figure out much difference between Iphone SE 2 and Iphone 8 and yes iphone 8 was launched in 2017. So its been 3 years and yet now Apple is offering us the same design with big forehead and big chin display, there is only one design difference that is now in Iphone SE 2 apple has changed the position of its logo, which fit in the middle of the back panel. That much of innovation apple did on the design of Apple Iphone SE 2.
Iphone SE 2 resemblance of Iphone 8
  • Dated accessories, in box of Iphone SE 2 Apple is offering same accessories in 2020 which it was offering in 2017 with iphone 8. The same lightning 5w charger which means no type C and fast charger and the earphones are also same which the packed with Iphone 8.
  • No major update, right Iphone SE has no major update, as it was in hype since very long period of time but still there is no major update in this phone, what Apple did in this phone that it removed the Iphone 8’s A11 and changed it with new A13 processor, this is the only change apple did in this phone.
  • Still far behind at this price range, yes other companies who are using apple platform is far ahead than this Iphone SE 2, which is giving bazel less display, multi camera setup, ulta hd display.

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