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Bjorson who recently announced on his instagram account that he will attempt for 501 kg deadlift on 2nd May, and today he did. Hafthor just lifted 501 kg deadlift. It took almost 4 years to break this record. Previously Eddie Hall from united kingdon held thus record who lifted 500 kg deadlift in World’s strongest man 2016. In that competition Hafthor also participated but he could not able to lift 500 kg deadlift in that competition. After acheiving World’s strongest man title in 2017, Eddie quited this sports, but hafthor remained in this game and was always a tough competitor of Eddie hall. Hafthor Bjorson who is from iceland born 26 November 1988 was a basket ball player in between 2004-2008 who has played many division games but after 2008 he decided to play strong man title representing his country at world level. Hafthor is large in size with 6.9 feet of height and very strong physique also. Hafthor achieved a lot in this field he came 1st in 2018 World’s strongest man. He consequetively stolen three Arnold Strong man Classic in year 2018, 2019, and 2020. He has been winning Iceland Strongman title for past 10 years in a row. He won World’# Ultimate Strong man title in year 2018 in Dubai. He has won 5 Europe’s strongest man title, and three consequetive giants live titles also, the list is endless he has almost 46 world titles in his hand right now. And today he is also having World record deadlift title. Also, He is the first person to have won the Arnold Strongman ClassicEurope’s Strongest Man and World’s Strongest Man in the same calendar year. Hafthor also played a role of The mountain in famous HBO series Game of thrones in August 2013.

Hafthor Bjornsonn’s world records

Record breaking night
  • Deadlift with straps and suit – 501 kilograms

501 kg deadlift
  • Log carry – [5 steps] 650 kg (1,433 lb)

Log carry World Record by Hafthor

Keg toss registered in guinness book in 2014

This is Hafthor Bjornsonn, who is holding most numbers of world titles in his hand, who is leaving behind all his competitors and who is improving day by day and making his family and his country proud.

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