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The apple Airbuds are one of the most expensive Airbuds in the market right now, but do they worth of $200, i think they do no justice with their price tag, they are not magical, they have issues like fitting problem, battery life issues, and sound issues. So today, we going to give you top 5 alternatives of Apple Airpods Pro. Lets get started.

5. OPPO Enco Freebuds

OPPO Enco, Pricing $99

The reason why these airpods are the alternatives of Apple Airpods is its design, and price. They look pretty much similar to Apple airpods and comes with a price tag of $99, which is exactly half the price of Apple Airpods Pro. They lack of some functions like Ambient Sound in Samsung, and Noise cancellation and transparency mode in Apple(Adjust how much of the outside world you let in to stay aware and connected). At this price point you get functions like Active Noise cancellation during calls, Bluetooth 5.0, fast Slide and tap capacitive controls (touch pad), flexible Silicon Tips, battery life is 5+20 hours, type C cable charging, and finest fittings in ear. The sound quality of OPPO Enco matches the sound quality of Apple Airpods pro.

They give value to your money with the convenience of touchpad, good connectivity, clear and noise less sound on calls, and comfortable fittings.

4. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2, Pricing $100

These are the best Airpods at price tag of $100. The reason why these Airpods are the alternatives of Apple Airpods pro is the Price tag, superior Call quality, and good battery life. Anker Soundcore liberty 2 lacks some function which Apples does have like sound quality falls bit short. They dont have noise cancellation and transparency mode but they do have noise-isolating design, which works fairly good. At this price point you get the functions like water-resistant, wireless charging, top-notch performance for making calls, battery life is 7+20 hours,comfortable fitings in ear, program touch control and USB C charging with compact charging case.

They give value to your money with its supreme call quality, better battery lofe, water resistant and wireless charging facility.

3. Beats powerbeats Pro

Beats powerbeats Pro, Pricing $250

These are the best earphones here, they can outsell any earphone availabe in the maket but we put it on third spot jusc because of its pricing, they cost around $250. yes, they are more expensive than Apple airpods but they value this much of money. They are far superior than Apple Airpods because of its most comfortable design, because of its class leading battery life (9+15 hours), Two beamforming microphones work in coordination with this sensor to filter out external noise and target the wearer’s voice.

Though theyare Water resistant with IPX4 rating, they have some connection issues, they have large massive case but still when comes to sound and quality , they completely ousells everyone in the league. These earphones are super comfortable and supreme in terms of quality also they come equipped with Apple’s H1 chip, which makes pairing easier.

2. Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra Elite 75t, Pricing $180

This company in known for making bluetooth headphones and they are known for giving supreme quality and that is what we see in its product namely, Jabra Elitte 75t. Jabra Elite 75t is supremely comfortable Airpods which comes with a price tag of $180. The design of these Airpods is very unique and premium. The Airpods is euipped with 4-microphone call technology, which filters out disruptive noise around you, The battery life of 8+20 hours is also impressive which offers fast charging and wireless charging also. IP55 rating for water, dust and sweat resistant. The Airpods got the fucntion namely Real world: optional, which works same as Noise reduction and transparency mode in Apple.

This is the second best alternative of Apple Airpods Pro, because of its super comfortable fitting, because of its battery life, because it is cheaper than Apple Airpods, because it gives you far better sound quality than Apple Airpods pro, because it gives you warrany period of two years (class leading).

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds+, Pricing $150 (approx)

These are the best alternatives of Apple Airpods pro because of its pricing and becuase it offers you more than Apple. It offers you better sound quality, better call quality, better connectivity than Apple. It is supreme in every term. The price of these Airpods is approx $150 and which comes with class leading battery backup (11+11 hours) which supports fast charging and wireless charging, triple mics for clear voice calls, and Ambient sound system (Adjust how much of the outside world you let in to stay aware and connected). AKG manufactured these Airpods for samsung. AKG is german company which have been in the same business since 1947

Jabra Airpods having better specifications , but we put Samsung on first spot because Samsung Galaxy Bud+ are cheaper than Jabra Elite 75t also Samsung Galaxy Bud+ gives better battery life than Jabra Elite 75t and the Sound quality of Samsung Galaxy Bude+ is little better than Jabra Elite 75t.

And when we compare it to Apple Airpods pro, it really quashes the Airpods alaround, in terms of specs, quality, fittings in ears, connectivity, also samsung offers more color options in these buds which makes them look more beautiful than Apple Airpods, in every department Samsung Galaxy Buds quashes Apple Airpods.

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