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There are lots of movies being made on dogs and people liked them a lot, movies like A dog’s purpose and Marley and me created a lot of buzzes around in between the viewers. But here we come up with two all-time best movies on dogs, which are really rare and not known by people at large. Dogs are considered as the most loyal and trustworthy animal on the planet and these two movies are the perfect example of it.

Hachiko: A dog’s tale

This movie is based on a real story. This movie is the perfect example of love and devotion between a man and a dog.

The story revolves around the accident owner and his dog namely Hachi. While time-lapse the owner and the dog became close to each other. One day the owner went for the work and Hachi follows him to the train station and waits until the owner returns back from the station. Hachi learns what time that Parker will be due home every day and constantly goes to the station to wait for him

One day the owner went for the work and suddenly from an unexpected brain hemorrhage. Hachi was waiting for his owner to come back from home, but that day he didn’t find his owner. Hachi is apparently unable to accept that his master won’t be coming home. Instead, he returns to the train station each day and continues to wait. Here the movie is all about the dog waiting for his master till his last breath. Hachi waited around 10 years for his master to come back and waited till his last breath.

This was the true 1925 Japanese story where a dog waited for his master for almost 10 years at Shibuya station, also a bronze statue of Hachi was erected in his owner at Shibuya station, which is still there.

IMDB rating: 8.1

White Bim black ear

This movie is based upon a book with the same name. This Russian movie will left you in tears. This movie shows us the struggle of the dog when his master gets hospitalised.

The story is, a man namely Ivan Ivanovich (owner) buys a puppy and named him Bim who is of white color and black ear. Master used to train him, though the dog was a clever one and a good learner too.

Ivan Ivanovich begins to develop heart problems and is taken to hospital. And his dog couldn’t bear it, he used to search him all over the city, in hospital, in every place where he used to walk with his master, but he couldn’t able to find his master, in all these processes the dog suffers a lot of struggles and encounters with a lot of evil and kind people in the city, who harasses and even beats him, but the dog never gave up his finding of his master and he ends up his life in that search only.

IMDB rating: 8.2

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