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Wealthy people spend their money in lots of expensive things and that’s what they do with their lot of money and for those wealthy people hotels does the job in royal manner where they build most luxurious hotel rooms for these wealthy people, and here we come up with world’s most expensive suite and this suite is situated in Palms hotels Las Vegas.

The empathy suite

This is the world’s most expensive hotel room exist on the globe, which costs whooping $100,000 per night. This suite is located on the 34th and 35th floor of Palms hotel which is situated in Las Vega. The suite is actually is made up mostly glass where you get the whole city view. This is basically a 9000 square foot paradise where you can fit 60 people easily. This hotel suite is completely a state of art in which you get 2 bed rooms, 2 living areas, and other royal sitting spaces. The whole suite is designed by well known artist/designer Damien Hirst Lets take a tour of this hotel.

Main living area

main living area

This is the main living area where you get the butterflies and pills theme all over the caricature and where you get one of the largest sofa set you have ever seen in which 30 people can sit simultaneously also here you get double sided screen television, which you won’t see ever in thw whole world, the texture and material of the sofa set is top notch, also you get lot of beautiful chandeliers all over the roof.

second living area

second living area

This is the other living area of the suite, where 10 to 12 people can sit and enjoy the televiosion, also the glass windows let you get the beautiful view of whole of the city.

Sitting area

sitting area

This is one of the sitting area of the suite, where you can chill and get the whole city view through these large window glasses, there are other sitting areas are also there where some sling chairs are present.



Yes when you spend $100,000 you get bar in your own suite and not a small bar this is big one where you get 12 chairs also you get world’s most expensive liquor brands in this bar and dont forget about the abover chandelier, you won’t see these kind of big and unique chandelier in any other suite. Also you get a ice maker in this bar.

Also you will see a unique theme on the bar table.

bar table

This bar table gets the unique theme where you will see lot of hospital materials (masks, injections, surgery gloves, etc) embedded below the glass and yes they are real. This is unique but actually looks really really appealing and good.

Gaming zone

Gaming zone

The theme here in this room, you will see a wall which get a texture of real pills embedded below the glass, this is also unique design but that is what the whole theme and pattern of this suite revolves around, the wall actually looks very amazing. Other side you will artifical shark aquarium wall, which actually looks like real and pretty amazing, lets come to the gaming equipments. Here you will see multi-color pool table, this table is unique and you won’t see this table in the whole world.

foose ball table

On the other side you will see foose ball table and this is also unique the whole table is made up of glass, truly royal.

chess table

This chess table in empathy suite is unique as well, the whole set is made up of glass and uniquely structured which actually feels really premium and rich.

Dining room

Dining room

Here you get pills embedded wall on one side of the room and fully glass window on the other side. This oval shaped dining table has 8 people stitting capacity, with same butterfly and pills theme all over the room and on the chair.


washroom of the suite

You will get two washrooms in the suite, where again you will see butterfly and pills theme on the floor and on the wallpaper of the washroom. This is one of the biggest and gigantic washroom you will ever get in any other hotel. Also you will get japanesse style automatic toilet in the washroom.

Massage room

massage room

Both washrooms facilitates with seperate massage rooms, where you will get pills theme on the wall and butteflies on the floor and high calls dedicated massage table which has butterflies theme over it.


balcony of the suite

This is the one of the most beautiful place in this suite, you have a gigantic balcony where you get a beautiful view of the whole city. In this balcony you will get two sitting spaces with sofa sets, tables and sling chairs where you can sit and relax.

pool in the balcony

This is like hanging pool on the balcony of 35th floor or the hotel, which is uniquely structured and gets the butterflies and pills theme all over the caricature. While enjoying the pool you also get the view of the whole city, which is amazing and actually gives worth to your money.

Salt room

salt room

In ohers hotel suites you have sauna room but in the empathy suite you have salt room. Yes there is salt room in the suite which works like you switch it on and salt particles start filling in the room which helps you in treating different types of allergies. This is unique.


Bed room of empathy suite

There are two bed rooms in the suite and boths looks alike. These bed rooms are too too large where you get the lot of sitting space, televisio, bed, and whole room is covered with big window glasses only, from here also you get the whole city view.


Ipad functionality

You get 6 ipads in the whole suite, which means you can access the ipad from any of the corner of the suite and this ipad helps you can do anything in the suite like, you can open and close the curtains, you can switch on and off the lights, you can get butler from the hotel, you can ask for any continental dish from the hotel like you ask from the ipod and you will get it.

And thats it from the world’s most expensive suite, which is 7 times more expensive than india’s most expensive suite i.e. Tata suite, Taj mahal palace, Mumbai.

Tata suite, Taj mahal palace

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